20 Years of Service!

Avery Caddell
Sales Manager (Industrial)

Hoyt Mullins
Asphalt Supervisor

Kip Crawford
Engineer, General Manager

Justine Lawson
Office Administrator, Construction/Industrial Services

Keith Eadie

Alyssa Eadie
Corporate Secretary, CMO

Steve Evans
Industrial Sales, Safety Manager

Dawn Eadie

If you have an after hours emergency, please call:

Hunter Eadie (843) 297-0144 Industrial Services
Cody Wilson (843) 509-3694 Construction Services
Keith Eadie (843) 514-4300 All Services
Rodney Pitts (843) 614-0600 Industrial Services
Steve Evans (843) 200-6353 Drain & Vacuum Needs
Kip Crawford (843) 200-5169 Underground Utilities
Hoyt Mullins (843) 860-6007 Asphalt & Site Work
Avery Caddell (843) 709-5653 Industrial Services